Podcast Turning One Play Into a Career – 2-Time Super bowl Champ Glenn Cadrez – Episode 5

Turning One Play Into a Career – 2-Time Super bowl Champ Glenn Cadrez – Episode 5

Episode 5

Life After Fame’s guest this week is former NFL player and 2-time Superbowl Champion of the Denver Broncos Glenn Cadrez. Glenn had a successful career in the NFL playing 11 seasons with three different teams before hanging it up at the end of the 2002 season. Glenn takes us back in time to a couple of his biggest plays as a pro football player and one specifically where he gives us a piece of advice that is a golden nugget of how to create your big break in your life! Cadrez discusses the differences between the locker room & teammates compared to the challenges of business and partners in the regular world. In this episode you will see Glenn for who he really is, an amazing Dad of five, a successful businessman, and a regular human being just like you and me. He also shares his excitement about his new business venture in real estate with Tiny Homes which is both fun and creative!  We hope you enjoyed that show with our guest 2-Time Super Bowl Champ Glenn Cadrez… Please Subscribe, Like and Share the show with friends and family.     Also Leave us an honest review on Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio or anywhere podcasts are found.





What to Listen For:

[02:25] Know our guest; Glenn Cadrez

[04:09] One of Glenn’s biggest plays;  His game-saving interception in the  Denver Broncos

  vs. Seattle Seahawks in an NFL game 

[07:56] How old was glen when he started playing sports?

[09:46] The day Glenn was picked to join NFL after leaving the University of Houston   

[13:38] Glenn’s transition from New York Jets to Denver Broncos 

[17:47] How Glenn started preparation for life after football  

[20:19] How did Glenn transition from football to broadcasting and film?

[21:35] The hardest part in the transitioning process for a pro athlete

[26:14] The life lessons he learned from his football career

[29:00] His new business venture in the real estate market

[30:44] How does the body hold up at 50 after being active in sports 

[32:48] What’s one thing Glenn would do over in his career

[35:06] Episode wrap-up and call to action

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