Podcast Run Your Own Race in Life -Rhonda Blanford-Green

Run Your Own Race in Life -Rhonda Blanford-Green

Episode 14

In Episode 14 we were honored to chat with Rhonda Blandford-Green, 2016 Colorado Sports Hall of Famer and former world-class hurdler, about her inspiring journey and mission to break the glass ceiling for women in sports. Rhonda’s passion for empowering women and minorities led her to work with the National Federation of State High School Associations, the NCAA, and USA Cheer. Join us as we discuss the importance of embracing femininity, unwavering belief in oneself, and the need for allies and support from white male leaders to forge new paths for underrepresented groups. Rhonda opens up about her athletic career, from her multi-event high school days to her record-breaking hurdling achievements. She takes us through her decision to attend the University of Nebraska, her experience at the 1984 Olympic Trials, and how her upbringing as an Army brat shaped her path. Lastly, we delve into Rhonda’s personal story of overcoming grief after losing her husband, and how her work with Colorado High School sports provided a much-needed lifeline. Her determination to bounce back and continue making an impact in the world of sports is a powerful example for all of us. Don’t miss this heartfelt and enlightening episode of Life After Fame with Rhonda Blandford-Green. Remember to Subscribe, Rate, Review, Like, and Share! 

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What to Listen For:

  • [0:00:51] Life After Fame Podcast: Interview with Rhonda Blandford-Green, Former World-Class Hurdler and Colorado Sports Hall of Famer
  • [0:04:18] From World-Class Track Athlete to Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Inductee
  • [0:05:05] Discussion on Running Techniques and Abilities
  • [0:06:42] Discussing Rhonda’s Collegiate Athletic Career and Decision to Attend the University of Nebraska.
  • [0:09:44] IChoosing a College and Pursuing Athletics
  • [0:12:17] Reflection on the Olympic Trials Experience
  • [0:14:06] A Conversation on Integrity and Doping in Athletics
  • [0:17:28] Discuss the Importance of Staying True to Yourself and Choosing Self over Ambition
  • [0:20:11] Discussing the Importance of Prioritizing Health and Making Tough Career Decisions
  • [0:22:42] Discussion on the Importance of Appearance and Belief in Athletic Performance
  • [0:28:03] Discussing the Importance of Internal Drive and Passion in Sports Coaching
  • [0:28:17] Conversation on Leadership and Authenticity
  • [0:33:30] A Discussion on Accountability and Constructive Criticism in Personal Growth
  • [0:35:01] Leadership, Breaking the Glass Ceiling, and the Allies
  • [0:39:34] Discussion on the Pressure of Underrepresented Groups to Perform in Professional Settings
  • [0:42:10] Discussion on Gender Inequities and Empowering Women in Leadership Roles
  • [0:45:06] President of USA Cheer Board of Directors, on Empowering Women and Enhancing Skills
  • [0:47:31] Discussion on Loss, Grief, and Finding Mojo in Life
  • [0:53:13] Conversation on Coping with Loss and Recovery
  • [0:54:14] Closing Remarks

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