About Life After Fame Podcast

About Life After Fame Podcast

On the show…

Your co-hosts, Joe M and Joe B interview your favorite former professional athletes and entertainers who have stepped out of the spotlight. You will discover what they doing now and who they are as people beyond their stardom. It’s all about people who have achieved the extraordinary and now live a regular life like the rest of us.

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Meet Your Co-hosts

Two regular Joe’s with an interest in people’s stories.

Joe Mastriona


Joe M. is a family man who also happens to be a serial entrepreneur now having built several successful businesses in his career. Joe M. is weekend warrior artist because of his love for creativity. He loves to travel with his wife and three kids. As well as being a sports enthusiast as he coaches all three of his kids youth sports teams..


Joe Boglino


Joe B. has made a lot of mistakes in his life and those mistakes have brought him satisfying success. He shares this experience in hopes listeners will benefit from the lessons learned and the perspective that only failures can provide in one’s life. It’s all about recognizing the pearl that drops out of the poop.

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