Podcast Is this Noodles? Goal Setting Secret Revealed former NBA player & NCAA Coach Craig Neal Episode 9

Is this Noodles? Goal Setting Secret Revealed former NBA player & NCAA Coach Craig Neal Episode 9

Episode 9

Episode # 9  Life After Fame’s guest this week is former NBA player and current Associate Head Coach for the University of Nevada Craig Neal. Craig takes us on an in-depth journey from his roots as a Hall of Fame Indiana high school basketball prep star to coaching with his lifelong friend, a University Indiana Basketball legend.  Craig has a wealth of experience not only as a former NBA player but a combined 30 years as a college coach and NBA scout he’s one of the guys responsible for bringing Tracy McGrady to the Orlando Magic. Craig has always been a firm believer in goal setting but learned an invaluable lesson that he learned during his decade-long professional basketball career. He talks about goal setting but has an intriguing twist when you reach your goal and what you should do next. You’re not going to want to miss this…. 
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What to Listen For:

[0:01:46]: Introduction: Interview with Craig Neal, Former NBA Player and Current Associate Head Coach for the University of Nevada

[0:02:55:] Background Story: Professional Basketball Coaches Discuss Their Unique Friendship and Career Journey

[0:04:35]: Insights: Longtime Friends and Coaching Colleagues Discuss Their Journeys in Basketball

[0:06:44]: Discussion: From NBA Player to College Coach

[0:08:54]: Reflections of a Former NBA Player on Making the Roster and Staying in the League

[0:10:32]: The Importance of Setting Goals and Evolving in Life and Sports

[0:14:16]: Coaching and Mentoring: The Importance of Adversity and Self-Improvement in Helping Kids Succeed

[0:15:52]: Insights on Coaching and Mentoring Young Athletes

[0:20:04]: Discussion on Parental Involvement in Coaching and Its Impact on Athletes 

[0:22:09]: Father-Son Relationship and the Impact of Coaching on Success

[0:23:39]: Discuss Parenting and Overcoming Resentment towards his Father’s Coaching Style

[0:25:45]: Discuss Basketball, Parenting, and Life Beyond the Court

[0:27:19]: Career Achievements and Life Lessons

[0:28:54]: Discussion on the Importance of Priorities and Happiness in Life

[0:31:26]: Prioritizing Happiness and Helping Others

[0:33:15] Life After Fame: A Conversation with Coaching Legend Craig Neal

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