Podcast The last NFL Barefoot Kicker Goes Woodworking Master – Rich Karlis Episode 6

The last NFL Barefoot Kicker Goes Woodworking Master – Rich Karlis Episode 6

Damn that had to hurt!

Episode 6

In the 1980s, the Denver Broncos were about guys named Johnny Gun aka John Elway, the Albino Rhino aka Karl Mecklenburg, the Silent Assassin aka Steve Atwater, the Three Amigos aka Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson and Ricky Nattiel, a barefoot kicker, and three Super Bowl appearances. In this episode, the barefoot kicker, Rich Karlis, talks about the biggest kick of his professional football career, a successful business career after his playing days, the charity work he has been involved with, and a new passion, Barefoot Bronco Woodworking. https://www.barefootbroncowoodworking.com
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What to Listen For:

[01:45] Introduction to the show

[03:31] How Rich Karlis got into kicking

[06:04] What made Rich prefer barefoot kicking?

[07:58] Rich Karlis’ first year in the NFL in 1982 at Denver Broncos

[09:48] What he felt the day he was notified that he was selected to join the team 

[11:50] His experience with the NFL strikes of 1982 and 1987

[16:29] The biggest kick in his football career in the AFC Championship game that made

 Denver Broncos reach the Super Bowl XXI 

[25:07] Rich Karlis’ transition process from a football career into corporate

[32:21] His second career transition from corporate to a woodworking business, Barefoot

  Bronco Woodworking

[35:05] The charity work that he is involved with and his association with the Family Tree 

[38:50] The struggles he has encountered in his transitions

[42:30] Final words and call to action

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Family Tree: https://www.thefamilytree.org/

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