Podcast How do you make them thirsty? Tenured NBA Coach Phil Weber Episode 3

How do you make them thirsty? Tenured NBA Coach Phil Weber Episode 3

Episode 3

This week we interview former long-time NBA assistant Coach Phil Weber.   Coach Weber covers some strong principles he used during his tenured coaching career as well as his book.   Be prepared. Be present. Be confident. Be energetic and be reliable. Five actions to build trust and respect are described in former NBA coach Phil Weber’s new book, You Can Lead Horses (And People) To Water, But…How Do You Make Them Thirsty? We talk to the former coach about transition, leadership, perseverance and the experience he is taking from over three decades of coaching players in colleges and in the NBA to his current endeavors in consulting and tech. We wanna thank you all for joining us and our guest Coach Phil Weber. Next week we keep our NBA vibe rolling with former Denver Nugget, USC and Compton Magic player Jeff Trepagnier as he shares his journey to the NBA and his next venture into the coaching ranks.. We truly hope you enjoyed the show… Please Subscribe, and Leave us an honest review on Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio or anywhere podcasts are found.





What to Listen For:

[00:00] Introduction to the episode

[03:14] Introducing today’s guest; Phil Weber, former NBA coach

[06:08] How Phil got into coaching and his experience while working as a coach 

[07:49] Phil’s transition process after he was forced to resign 

[09:35] How asking an empowering question helped Phil to better his life after resigning

[17:46] Some of the transitions Phil has seen other people make and what he learned from


[21:32] Why players in professional sports struggle to make a transition

[24:26] The right mindset that will sail you through a transition

[29:12] Morning mindset routines to help you win the day

[35:12] Tip to help people in the transitioning process to change how they view themselves

  and develop a growth mindset

[41:49] What prompted Phil to write How Do You Make Them Thirsty?

[44:00] How Phil transitioned to tech and his current involvement with The Bizio

[47:36] How to connect with Phil Weber

[50:00] Final words and call to action

Episode Resources:

Phil Weber

NBA Coach – Author

You Can Lead Horses(And People) To Water, But… How Do You Make Them Thirsty?

Trailblazer Phil Weber has been guiding men toward victory in the world of basketball and beyond. Globally on and off the court, from New York, to Phoenix, to India, Phil’s life-changing strategies have elevated some of the biggest names in the game. Through his new page turner, “How Do You Make Them Thirsty?”, the professional basketball coach, public speaker, and now author fires up readers with wit, wisdom, and cutting edge insights for life in his book.


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