Life After Fame Podcast

A True Human Interest Podcast About The People We Loved To Root For!


Weekly interviews with former pro athletes, musicians and celebrities. We take a deep dive into what these stars lives are like now and how they made the insanely- hard transition from the spotlight to regular life. Come join us on this journey as we connect, relate, get inspired and satisfy our irresistible curiosity.


EPISODE 3:  How Do You Make Them Thirsty NBA Coach & Author – Phil Weber

Episode # 003  This week we interview former long-time NBA assistant Coach Phil Weber.   Coach Weber covers some strong principles he used during his tenured coaching career as well as his book.   Be prepared. Be present. Be confident. Be energetic and be reliable. Five actions to build trust and respect are described in former NBA coach Phil Weber’s new book, You Can Lead Horses (And People) To Water, But…How Do You Make Them Thirsty? We talk to the former coach about transition, leadership, perseverance and the experience he is taking from over three decades of coaching players in colleges and in the NBA to his current endeavors in consulting and tech.  Subscribe and enjoy the show.

EPISODE 2:  From NHL To Functional Mushrooms with Kyle Quincey

#002 – On today‚Äôs episode of Life After Fame, we are joined by 14-year hockey professional. Kyle Quincey.  Kyle played for a number of NHL teams including The Detroit Redwings, New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche.  He makes his home in Colorado with his two sons and his wife Rachel.  In this episode, we talk about how his family came together to rally around the cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery of his young son Ax, and the foundation they created to support pediatric cancer research. We also discuss his involvement with the Colorado Avalanche Alumni Association and what the organization is doing for the community and the support network built for retired professional hockey players. Lastly, we hit upon a health and wellness organization Kyle is a part of called Just Beat It.  Created for the development and alternative medicine treatments of various health conditions using functional mushrooms and psilocybin. Subscribe and enjoy the show.

EPISODE 1: Intro Teaser Trailer Life After Fame Podcast

#001 – Life After Fame is a podcast all about of our favorite Pro-Athletes, Rock Star Musicians and Celebrities to find out where they now, what their life is like today and how they made the huge career transition from the big stage to regular life as we know it.  On the show your hosts Joe Mastriona and Joe Boglino pull back the curtain as they catch- up with these former stars of yesterday and take an in-depth look into who they are as people beyond their previous careers, their hidden talents, passions, struggles and triumphs.  This is show is all about human connection, community, and growth. Life After Fame is a true-human interest podcast about the people we loved to root for and how we are more alike than we are different.  If you love pro-sports, music, movies, celebrities, stars, then you’ll love being part of this conversations with us.   Subscribe and enjoy the show.