Podcast Hoop Dreams – From Compton to Europe with Jeff Trepagnier Episode 4

Hoop Dreams – From Compton to Europe with Jeff Trepagnier Episode 4

Jeff had some crazy hops!!!

Episode 4

Compton high school star, a two-sport athlete at USC, and an 11-year professional basketball career, Jeff Trepagnier sits in the spotlight of this week’s episode of Life After Fame. We talk about the basketball journey that took him around the world and how he brings those hoop experiences to the Compton Magic youth organization as the Director of Basketball Operations. Compton Magic is the premier Grassroots Program in the nation. Compton Magic is a place that develops young men into leaders and has sent over 40 players to the NBA. More than just a basketball program, Compton Magic is a lifestyle driven by — a Lead by Example Mentality. You can find more information about this impactful organization by visiting Comptonmagic.net. Jeff is now an aspiring coach in the NBA G- League with the hopes to ascend into the NBA ranks as a coach soon. We’re rooting for Jeff, as he’s a great guy with a lot to offer! Our guest next week is a two-time Super Bowl Champion, join us to hear his story with fame and how Tiny Homes is now his current game… Please Subscribe, Like and Leave us an honest review on Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio or anywhere podcasts are found.





What to Listen For:

[01:53] A quick bio of our guest; Jeff Trepagnier, a retired American professional basketball


[03:24] What was it like playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA)?

[06:40] How Jeff navigated the transition from being able to play all the time while in high

 school and college to not getting enough chances to play at the NBA

[09:16] His experience while playing overseas

[12:16] How he became a two-sport athlete

[13:27] How Jeff joined Compton Magic and his role in the organization

[14:58] How he mentors the youths in the organization from his experience in the

 basketball career  

[19:21] What’s the difference between the youths who make it to the NBA and those who


[22:50] Jeff’s advice to people going through a transition in life 

[23:39] His plans for the future 

[25:36] Episode wrap-up and call to action

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