Podcast Pick Up My Soul and Move On – It’s hard to ask for help as a Man with Jake Schroeder Episode 7

Pick Up My Soul and Move On – It’s hard to ask for help as a Man with Jake Schroeder Episode 7

Episode 7

For over 20 years, Jake Schroeder was the lead singer of what many considered Colorado’s best rock band, Opie Gone Bad. Jake also spent the better of two decades singing the National Anthem at Colorado Avalanche games. He sang over 1,000 of them! Opie Gone Bad’s frontman discusses his experience of being  in the band, his involvement with the Avalanche and his transition as the Director of the D-Day Leadership Academy.  Jake also shares his vulnerability around his most recent personal struggles, the transitions of life and the difficulty of asking for help as a man.  Please subscribe, leave an honest review and enjoy the show.  

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What to Listen For:

[0:02:17]: Introduction to Interview with Former Rockstar and National Anthem Extraordinaire Jake Schroeder

[0:03:26]: Empowering Underserved Youth Through History and Travel

[0:04:38]: D-Day Leadership Academy: Discussion on the Importance of Exposing Kids to History and Different Cultures

[0:06:31]: Community Outreach: Charity Volunteer Work and Veteran Influence

[0:09:35]: Creating a Unique and Educational Experience for Students through History and Travel

[0:10:52]: Leadership and Empathy: Teaching the Lessons of the Greatest Generation

[0:14:24]: Passionate Discussion on Honoring the Unsung Heroes of WWII and Inspiring Young People to Learn About History

[0:16:16]: D-Day Leadership Academy Website Details

[0:18:35]: Transition from Opie Gone Bad and Making a Difference

[0:19:41]: Retired Anthem Singer Jake Schroeder Reflects on 25 Years with the Colorado Avalanche

[0:25:02]: Overcoming Tough Times and Seeking Help as Men

[0:28:16] The Importance of Seeking Help and Breaking the Stigma of Men’s Emotions

[0:29:52] Mental Health and Giving Back to the Community

[0:31:24] Final Thoughts: Support D-Day Leadership Academy and Follow/Subscribe to Life After Fame Podcast

Episode Resources:

Lessons in Character, Ethics and Leadership


SINCE 1969. VISIT: https://www.ddayleadershipacademy.com/

The D-Day Leadership Academy is a program that provides lessons and experiences in character, ethics, and leadership by sharing the stories of D-Day: the events, the sites, and the people.  We are a part of Denver PAL, a 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving young people since 1969. 

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