Podcast Jed Roberts || Silent Success- Navigating Pro Football as a Deaf Player

Jed Roberts || Silent Success- Navigating Pro Football as a Deaf Player


In Episode 16  of Life After Fame we had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Canadian football legend Jed Roberts and delve into his remarkable 13-year career as a defensive end and linebacker for the Edmonton Eskimos. Jed’s journey is truly unique, as he navigated his football career while dealing with a congenital nerve defect that caused severe hearing loss. Join us as we explore the inspiring story of how Jed defied the odds and left a lasting legacy on the field. In this captivating conversation, we dive into Jed’s experience with hearing loss and how it impacted his life and football career – from being fitted for hearing aids at a young age to relying on other senses and lip reading to communicate on the field. Despite these challenges, Jed’s resilience and dedication to the sport remained unshaken, leaving a lasting impact on those around him and inspiring the next generation of athletes. Beyond his awe-inspiring career, Jed reflects on the invaluable lessons he learned along the way and the importance of empathy and community involvement. He shares his father’s profound influence on his outlook on life and his journey as a mentor and coach for young athletes. Take advantage of this compelling episode of Life After Fame, where we uncover a true football legend’s incredible stories and life lessons. Remember to Subscribe, Rate, Review, Like, and Share! 

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What to Listen For:

[0:00:53] Life After Fame Podcast: Interview with Jed Roberts, Former Canadian Football League Defensive End, and Linebacker

[0:10:30] Overcoming Hearing Impairment in Football

[0:16:37] Training the Brain for Sports Success

[0:20:58] Canadian Football League Career Highlights

[0:28:22] The Story of Gizmo Williams 

[0:34:01] The Power of Spiritual Learning

[0:37:01] Overcoming Hearing Obstacles in Football

[0:42:58] The Journey of Letting Go

[0:45:44] Importance of Helping Others

[0:46:38] Closing Remarks

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