Podcast Welcome to Life After Fame! Episode 1

Welcome to Life After Fame! Episode 1

Episode 1

Life After Fame is a podcast all about of our favorite Pro-Athletes, Rock Star Musicians and Celebrities to find out where they now, what their life is like today and how they made the huge career transition from the big stage to regular life as we know it. On the show your hosts Joe Mastriona and Joe Boglino pull back the curtain as they catch- up with these former stars of yesterday and take an in-depth look into who they are as people beyond their previous careers, their hidden talents, passions, struggles and triumphs. This is show is all about human connection, community, and growth. Life After Fame is a true-human interest podcast about the people we loved to root for and how we are more alike than we are different. If you love pro-sports, music, movies, celebrities, stars, then you’ll love being part of this conversations with us. Enjoy the show and Please Subscribe, Like and Leave us an honest review on Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio or anywhere podcasts are found. Thanks for listening to our show join us for Episode 2 with Former NHL Pro Hockey Player Kyle Quincey as he discusses with Life After Fame his personal struggles with retirement from the game and how an alternative medicine is not only helped him with the transition but is saving the lives of others you’re not going to want to miss this..





What to Listen For:

[00:05] Introduction to the show

[01:07] What Life After Fame podcast is all about

[03:05] Why Joe Mastriona and Joe Boglino created this podcast

[03:37] Teaser clips of what to expect in each episode of this podcast

[04:43] When to tune in to new Life After Fame podcast episodes 

[04:50] How to connect with us 

Let’s Connect!

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