Podcast How Should Success Be Measured? Former NFL QB Christian Hackenberg Episode 10

How Should Success Be Measured? Former NFL QB Christian Hackenberg Episode 10

Episode 10

This week of  Life After Fame Podcast,  we sit down with former Penn State and NFL Pro Quarterback of the New York Jets Christian Hackenberg. We discuss Hackenberg’s remarkable achievements like getting drafted in the NFL, a successful career at Penn State and handling the nasty scrutiny he faced in the NFL because he failed to start a game as a Pro after being drafted.. To now moving forward in life.
The conversation covers Hackenberg’s experience of sink-or-swim coaching in the NFL and the league’s lack of mental health and personal development support. We also touch on his journey after football, his love for hunting, fishing, and golf, and the importance of resilience, personal growth, and finding value in difficult experiences when there are HIGH Expectations placed on you by yourself and others. I think we can all learn from Christian’s experience around what defines success and how expectations can rob us from our joy and accomplishments..  Join us in this insightful episode, and remember to subscribe to the Life After Fame Podcast for more transformational stories of former pro athletes, coaches, musicians, and actors who have achieved extraordinary things. 

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What to Listen For:

  • [0:02:058] Life After Fame Podcast: Former Penn State Quarterback and NFL Pro Christian Hackenberg on Overcoming Scrutiny and Moving Forward
  • [0:04:27] Reflecting on his Football Career and Life After Fame
  • [0:05:49] Perseverance and Leadership in the Face of Adversity
  • [0:07:33] Choosing Penn State and Playing under Coach O’Brien.
  • [0:09:24] The Pressure of Keeping Penn State Football Program Together During Tough Times
  • [0:11:02] College Football Career and Personal Growth
  • [0:16:19] Sacrifice, Giving Back, and Regrets
  • [0:17:19] Handling Scrutiny and the Importance of Coaching
  • [0:22:48] A Conversation on Coaching, Mental Health, and Talent Development in Professional Sports and Business
  • [0:26:51] Comparing the Challenges and Rewards of Professional Football and the Business World
  • [0:27:46] Life Lessons from the Sports and Business World
  • [0:29:24] Discussion On Life, Perspective, and Passions Beyond Football
  • [0:32:07] Discussion on Finding Contentment and Success in Life

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