Podcast Get Used To Being Uncomfortable A Path 2 Success with Dymonte Thomas

Get Used To Being Uncomfortable A Path 2 Success with Dymonte Thomas

Episode 11

In Episode 11 of Life After Fame, our guest Dymonte Thomas talks about “getting used to being uncomfortable” and the importance of perseverance when faced with a transition in your life. In 2020, Thomas’ NFL professional football career ended when the Denver Broncos released him. The emotional toll he went through after his three-year stint as a Bronco challenged him to redefine himself. He went from a two-sport star to transitioning to a life out of sports. Today, he is involved in real estate and owns a sports performance training company, the Dymonte Thomas Sports Academy, https://dtsportsacademy.com, to help develop the next generation of athletes using science-backed performance training and firsthand knowledge of being a professional athlete.  Throughout the podcast, the hosts and Thomas emphasize the importance of a competitive mindset in sports and life. They encourage listeners to tap into the mindset of working hard to achieve success, even when facing obstacles or competition. The Life After Fame podcast offers a unique perspective on the journey of public figures and the challenges they face beyond their professional careers. Thomas’s insights and experiences provide valuable life lessons for anyone looking to achieve their goals. Please subscribe, share and if you liked this video please give us a big thumbs up!  Stay tuned for future interviews.

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What to Listen For:

0:00:50] Introduction: Catching Up with Former Denver Bronco and Michigan Wolverine Dymonte Thomas

[0:02:40] Dymonte’s Career and College Choices

[0:03:53] Choosing Michigan over Ohio State and Connecting with Michigan Alumni.

[0:05:16] Athletic Career and the Decision to Focus on Football versus Baseball

[0:09:30] Experience as a Running Back and Safety

[0:11:29] Insights: From College to the NFL

[0:14:32] Overcoming Challenges and Building a Successful Career

[0:16:46] The Importance of a Strong Mindset in Achieving Success.

[0:19:20] Overcoming Adversity and Dealing with Injuries

[0:21:56] Overcoming Adversity: A Professional Athlete’s Journey of Injury, Loss, and Resilience

[0:25:43] Overcoming Mental Challenges and Injuries

[0:26:23] Discussion About Overcoming Adversity and Finding Purpose in Life

[0:30:03] From Real Estate to Sports Academy – Helping Youth Reach Their Dreams

[0:33:12] Retirement: The Importance of Giving Back and Helping Others Succeed

[0:34:07] Interview with Dymonte Horton on his Athletic Academy and Training Programs

[0:37:01] Discussion on Teaching Life Lessons Through Sports at DTSportsAcademy.com

[0:37:51] Insights on Dealing with Injuries and the Business of Sports

[0:39:50] The Importance of Work Ethic and Having a Backup Plan

[0:42:27] Closing Remarks

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