Podcast Decide to Excel or Quit the Grind

Decide to Excel or Quit the Grind

Episode 19

In Episode 19 get ready to be inspired by our captivating conversation with former professional baseball player Kevin Munson as we discuss his relentless pursuit of making it to the big leagues and the importance of perseverance. We uncover his incredible claim to fame of getting Bryce Harper and Mike Trout out in the same inning and delve into the lessons he learned from the lowest point in his career. Plus, you won’t want to miss his unique box plot method to stay focused and enhance his performance. Join us as we explore the pressure of reaching the big leagues and the balance between a fixed and growth mindset with Kevin. He shares his journey and insights on taking valuable lessons from every experience, whether a win or a loss. We also discuss the crucial role of parents and coaches in setting the right mindset for young athletes and the wisdom Kevin has gained from baseball. Finally, discover how Kevin transitioned from professional baseball to real estate and the significance of finding a fulfilling job outside of the sport. He shares how his baseball experience shaped his career and life after and the lessons he learned about balancing ambition with practical considerations. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a former professional athlete turned real estate professional about perseverance, learning from mistakes, and building a successful life beyond the world of sports. Remember to Subscribe, Rate, Review, Like, and Share! 

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What to Listen For:

[0:00:53] Life After Fame Podcast: Interview with Kevin Munson, American Former Professional Baseball Pitcher

[0:5:49] Drive for Success in Baseball

[011:53] Finding Joy in Competing 

[0:17:01] Trusting Athletic Training

[0:24:05] Learning From Past Mistakes

[0:32:51] The Reality of Athlete Salaries

[0:36:02] Financial Literacy and Sponsorship

[0:41:00] Real Estate Investor Attire

[0:43:54] Closing Remarks

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