Podcast I’m not a Hero – Real Talk with Club Q Shooting Survivor Rich Fierro

I’m not a Hero – Real Talk with Club Q Shooting Survivor Rich Fierro

Episode 12

Today we’re honored to have Rich Fierro, the reluctant hero of Club Q, join us for an
eye-opening conversation about his life after fame. He graciously shares his
incredible journey from being a teenage dad to a military lieutenant and the life-
altering events that ultimately turned him into a surprising and somewhat unwilling
We delve into Rich’s experiences in the military and the life-threatening situations
he faced in combat. From the aftermath of trauma to the challenges of transitioning
from military to civilian life, Rich opens up about the impact of these experiences on
his family and their ongoing struggles. We also explore the power of video recordings
and the mixed reactions – both support and backlash – that Rich’s family received as
a result of the Club Q incident.
In this inspiring episode, Rich offers a unique perspective on why people turn to
violence and how we can work towards building stronger connections with one
another. He encourages us to be kind, engage in conversations, and remember that
we are all part of a larger community. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from
Rich’s insights and experiences and the powerful lessons he has gained from his
incredible journey. Remember to Subscribe, Rate, Review, Like, and Share! 

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What to Listen For:

[0:01:49] Introduction: Rich Fierro’s Story of Heroism and Transition

[0:05:11] Transitioning from Civilian Life to War: A Soldier’s Story

[0:09:12] A Discussion on Commitment and Courage in the Military

[0:12:11] Managing Chaos in a Shooting Incident

[0:14:58] A Conversation on the Emotional Impact of Combat and Carrying Firearms as a Veteran

[0:16:27] Dealing with Trauma and Gun Violence

[0:18:27] Combat Trauma and its Impact on Mental Health: A Personal Account

[0:19:59] Managing Frustration and Compassion in the Aftermath

[0:21:30] Leadership and Personal Responsibility in High-Stress Situations

[0:22:58] A First-Hand Account of Bravery and Fearlessness in the Face of Danger

[0:25:56] Self-Defense and Humility

[0:27:15] Supporting Family and Overcoming Online Backlash.

[0:29:36] Experience and Challenges After Surviving a Traumatic Event

[0:32:04] Dealing with Negative Publicity and Misconceptions

[0:36:22] Finding Hope in Dark Moments and Dealing with Ongoing Violence

[0:37:58] A Discussion on Gun Violence and the Importance of Connection in Society

[0:41:17] Discussion on Unity, Personal Growth, and Leaving a Legacy

[0:42:15] Conversation on Love and Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

[0:43:43] Closing Remarks

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