Podcast All You Need Is Hope || Bridger Walker

All You Need Is Hope || Bridger Walker


Episode 18

Join us for an incredibly inspiring episode of Life After Fame as we sit down with the brave young superhero, Bridger Walker, and his father, Robert, to discuss Bridger’s heroic act of saving his little sister from a dangerous dog attack. The story touched hearts around the world, leading to recognition from countless celebrities, including Chris Evans, who honored Bridger as an honorary Avenger! Our conversation with this amazing duo dives deep into their unforgettable experiences, their journey of emotional and physical healing, and the inspiring charitable initiatives they have taken to help those in need. We’re excited to share some incredible stories from Bridger and Robert, including their once-in-a-lifetime trip to Dubai and interactions with Hollywood’s biggest stars like Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. We also explore the family’s courageous decision to adopt a new puppy gifted to them by an MMA fighter, emphasizing the importance of facing fear and not running away from it. Through these extraordinary experiences, Bridger and his family have shown an unwavering strength and resilience that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. As we explore the aftermath of the attack and the small miracles that followed, we learn about the absence of nerve damage and Bridger’s eventual comfort around dogs. Bridger and Robert share the incredible journey of recovery and how their family dynamics remain grounded and focused on their values. Don’t miss this heartwarming and inspiring episode of Life After Fame! Remember to Subscribe, Rate, Review, Like, and Share! 

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What to Listen For:

[0:00:53] Life After Fame Podcast: Interview with Bridger Walker, The Boy Who Saved His Sister from a Dog

[0:4:28] Bridger’s Memorable Experiences

[0:9:47] Overcoming Fear and Trauma: Adopting a Dog

[0:15:51] Focusing on Small Miracles and the Aftermath of the Dog Attack

[0:23:23] Bridger’s Heroic Act and its Impact on Family Dynamics and Values 

[0:29:10] Bridger Meeting his Hero, Bo Jackson

[0:32:45] Robert Shares His Experience with Bridger in the ER

[0:40:40] Bridger Walker’s Charitable Initiatives 

[0:44:17] The Positive Impact and Connections Created Through Bridger’s Story

[0:46:49] Closing Remarks

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