Podcast From NHL To Functional Mushrooms with Kyle Quincey… Episode 2

From NHL To Functional Mushrooms with Kyle Quincey… Episode 2

Episode 2

On today’s episode of Life After Fame, we are joined by 14-year hockey professional. Kyle Quincey. Kyle played for a number of NHL teams including The Detroit Redwings, New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche.  Kyle makes his home in Colorado with his two sons and his wife Rachel. In this episode, we talk about how his family came together to rally around the cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery of his young son Ax, and the foundation they created to support pediatric cancer research. We also discuss his involvement with the Colorado Avalanche Alumni Association and what the organization is doing for the community and the support network built for retired professional hockey players. Lastly, we hit upon a health and wellness organization he is a part of called Just Beat It. Created for the development and alternative medicine treatments of various health conditions using functional mushrooms and psilocybin. Check out below for all resources discussed on this episode. Featured Product: JUST BEAT IT We hope you enjoyed that show with our guest Kyle Quincey… Please Subscribe, Like and Leave us an honest review on Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio or anywhere podcasts are found.





What to Listen For:

[00:00] Episode introduction

[02:14] Meet our guest; Kyle Quincey, former professional ice hockey defenseman

[04:29] A short back story of his son’s diagnosis with an ependymoma brain tumor

[09:22] Kyle’s response to Axl Quincey’s diagnosis with cancer  

[13:14] The Team Ax Foundation and its mission

[15:56] How he navigated the change of teams, change of coaches, and being

  traded as a hockey player

[19:37] When did Kyle start thinking about life after hockey?

[23:01] Kyle’s transition process and his involvement with the  Colorado Avalanche

  Alumni Association

[25:18] The importance of being involved with an alumni association

[32:00] The Just Beat It product that supports a healthy lifestyle

[33:28] Kyle’s functional mushroom company 

[36:45] How to connect with Kyle 

[39:05] Final words and call to action

Episode Resources:

Avalanche Alumni Association:

Featured Product: Functional Mushrooms For Everyday Better Health (Functional Mushrooms For Everyday Better Health.) Just Beat It was created in 2018 to provide affordable premium products to active, health-conscious consumers who have been searching for better products to aid them in their activities.


The link Above is an affiliate link and we may receive a commission for purchases made throught this link, but these are all products that we highly recommend and have personally used.

Team Ax Foundation Together! We can raise awareness to increase funding for Pediatric Cancer Research.

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