Podcast Wade Manning || Four Seconds to Change Your Life

Wade Manning || Four Seconds to Change Your Life


What does it take to overcome challenges and rise to the top, even when the odds are stacked against you? Join us for Episode 15  of Life After Fame as we welcome former NFL player and 30-year educator Wade Manning to discuss his extraordinary journey to the NFL as an undrafted free agent. Wade reveals the ups and downs of his career, including the unforgettable moment he ran an unbelievable 40-yard dash in old Chuck Taylor and how his world-class speed and athleticism carved a place for him in the NFL. We also dive deep into the dark side of the NFL as Wade sheds light on the misconceptions surrounding player money and the ugly side of the business. He shares his experience playing for the legendary NFL Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry and the ensuing power struggle. But Wade’s story goes beyond the football field as we explore his life after fame. Wade discusses how his identity as an athlete, not just a football player, played a crucial role in his seamless transition to his second career as an educator. As we wrap up our conversation with Wade Manning, we learn about his inspiring journey standing up to his coach, the consequences that followed, and how his faith and support system helped him overcome adversity. Wade also shares his insights on the challenges of teaching in today’s education system and the joy of retirement after a 30-year career. Don’t miss this compelling episode that delves into the life of a true athlete, both on and off the field, and the valuable lessons we can all learn from Wade’s experiences. Remember to Subscribe, Rate, Review, Like, and Share! 

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What to Listen For:

[0:00:51] Life After Fame Podcast: Interview with Wade Manning,  Former American Football Wide Receiver in the National Football League (NFL)

[0:02:44] Reflection on the Impact of Retirement on Professional Athletes: A Conversation with Wade

[0:05:44] Retirement Reflections: A Former NFL Player and Teacher Reflects on His Career Transitions

[0:08:07] Conversation on Wade’s NFL Career and the Impact of Not Following the Blueprint

[0:16:14] Conversation between Wade Wilson on World-Class Speed and Athletic Ability

[0:18:22] Conversation about Regrets of Not Choosing Baseball over Football

[0:20:15] Reflection about High School to NFL

[0:36:55] Reflections on Working with Coach Tom Landry

[0:43:33] Recounting a Football Injury

[0:50:50] Advocating for Improved Benefits for Former NFL Players

[0:56:08] Closing Remarks

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