Podcast The Origin – Curtain pullback with Former NHL Shutdown Defenseman Adam Foote Episode 8

The Origin – Curtain pullback with Former NHL Shutdown Defenseman Adam Foote Episode 8


Episode 8

Former NHL player Adam Foote is our special guest on this week’s episode of Life After Fame. We discuss his successful 19-year career in the NHL, including winning two Stanley Cup championships with the Colorado Avalanche, and unveil the secret of how Adam became the inspiration of the Life After Fame Podcast! 

We discuss how his toughness on the ice, the changes in the game, and the importance of “policing” on the ice. Foote shared how his competitive nature and work ethic came from his strict upbringing and shared his personal experience with retirement and transitioning from a pro hockey player to regular life and what’s next in life.  

Finally, the conversation turned to the challenges of parenting and finding the right balance between pushing children to succeed and letting them pursue their passions. Our conversation ends with a hard-hitting question from the hosts about lawnmowers and their importance in a guy’s life.  You’re not going to want to miss this episode with the Origin Adam Foote.  Join hosts Joe M. and Joe B. on the Life After Fame podcast as they explore the lives of former pro athletes, coaches, musicians, and actors after the end of their careers. Remember to subscribe to our podcast for more fun and entertaining shows just like this one..

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What to Listen For:

[0:00:00] Transcript of Life After Fame Podcast Episode with NHL Player Adam Foote

[0:04:13] Changing Nature of Hockey with Former NHL Player Adam Foot.

[0:05:48] A Conversation on the Importance of Toughness and Accountability in Team Sports

[0:07:32] Discussion on Work Ethics and Competitive Nature

[0:08:36] A Conversation on Hockey Strategy and Work Ethic in Professional Sports

[0:13:07] A Discussion on Sports, Skill, and Parenting in Professional Hockey

[0:14:09] Cultivating Interest in Sports

[0:15:42] A Conversation on Parenting and Encouraging Children to Pursue Their Passions

[0:19:23] A Discussion on Parenting and Work Ethics in Different Eras

[0:20:53] Parenting and Accountability in Pursuing Success

[0:21:54] A Conversation on Parenting and Success in Hockey

[0:24:33] Interview with a Retired Athlete on Transitioning to Life After Fame

[0:26:03] Reflections on the Competitive Drive and Lifestyle of Professional Hockey

[0:27:53] Discuss the Challenges of Life After Hockey and the Importance of Proper Health Care for Athletes

[0:31:42] The Challenges of Transitioning from Professional Sports

[0:33:20] Retirement and Transition in Professional Sports

[0:38:26] The Importance of Rebuilding and Personal Hobbies

[0:42:04] A Conversation on the Joys and Responsibilities of Home Maintenance and Landscaping

[0:43:14] Interview with Adam Foote on Life After Fame Podcast

[0:45:09] Last Words: Former NHL Defenseman Adam Foote’s Transition to Broadcasting

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